December weekend

December weekend

This December weekend we were allowed to borrow Carina’s parents’ cottage in North Zealand.
It is perfectly located at the end of a quiet road and in the morning you can be lucky and see a small deer that wander and eats in the garden outside in front of the windows.
I love the calm and “time” that is here. It provides room for immersion.

Even though I had to work for 4 hours on Saturday and had an hour’s transport back and forth. Then we spend some nice hours together.

Carina og jeg har en årlig tradition med at vi laver vores egen julefrokost. En skøn aften med tradionel dansk julemad og en juleøl eller to.

Jeg værdsætter virklig disse små ting vi gør.
Søndag morgen sendte jeg Carina ud på en lille jagt efter en lille gave.

Weekend thoughts

This weekend also gives room for a lot of thought. Thoughts about my life right now and about the future.
I gave room for my thoughts to flow freely and I had to see where they took me.


There was thought about my work with the 2018 OCR European Championships. I feel a lot of pressure in connection with this. Since I do not feel I have enough time to do it properly and be concealed to the extent that I wish.
Thoughts about DOCRA and my future in the association. I have spent many hours and had many wonderful experiences. But something has to be done for my attitude.


There was also time for a 10 km run. It was absolutely terrible. I could not get into my legs and had to walk several times.
But I achieved my goal for this week. 25 km (and a little more)
I would like to go back in a sensible race again. So I’ve set some goals for myself in 2018. But, therefore, you can take good care of the pleasures 🙂

Se my run on Garmin Connect

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