IN2ZYM is a Danish company specializing in special nutritional products aimed at a healthy and active lifestyle.
Not all nutritional products or supplements are equally good. There is thus a big difference between the purity, composition, and feasibility of different versions of the same raw material or the same active substance, depending on how it is manufactured.
The company’s mission has from the outset been to offer scientifically well-founded nutrition products with a unique composition and high level of safety for quality, opacity and effect.


IN2ZYM must be the leading supplier of healthy and effective nutrition products for athletes and athletes in Denmark.


IN2ZYM develops, produces and markets healthy and efficient nutrition products made from high quality raw materials.


“Our products must promote the health of our customers.
“We offer our customers the best service in the market.
– We only use raw materials of the highest quality.
“Our products must be among the healthiest and most effective.
– We seek to ascertain as far as possible the impact, safety and quality of our products.
“We hold what we promise.

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