Morning cardio don’t make you loose fat

Morning cardio don’t make you loose fat

For many years I got up early to lace the running shoes and run a long walk on the empty stomach to lose my fat on my stomach.
But now research shows that it does not necessarily help.

As Anders Nedergaard explains is:

“Recently, a meta-analysis has been made that compiles the studies that look at if you lose more if you do exercise in the morning on an empty stomach.
There are only 5 studies, but they are very relevant.
Overall, they find that there is no extra fat loss to come after (over time) by making morning cardio on an empty stomach. Of course, it is not the same as there are no situations or some individuals for which it might work, but the starting point must be that there is a likelihood that it will make ass and keys. Sorry, bodybuilders from the 80s; o)”

Or as it says in the analysis

“It remains unclear whether training in fasted compared to fed states leads to greater weight loss and whether this practice results in beneficial or detrimental changes in body composition. We conducted a systematic review to examine the effect of overnight-fasted versus fed exercise on weight loss and body composition. Seven electronic databases were searched using terms related to fasting and exercise. Inclusion criteria were: randomised and non-randomised comparative studies; published in English; included healthy adults; compared exercise following an overnight fast to exercise in a fed state; used a standardized pre-exercise meal for the fed condition; and measured body mass and/or body composition. A total of five studies were included involving 96 participants. Intra-group analysis for the effect of fasted and fed aerobic exercise revealed trivial to small effect sizes on body mass. The inter-group effect for the interventions on body mass was trivial. Intra-group effects were small for % body fat and trivial for lean mass in females, with trivial effects also found for the inter-groups analyses. Whilst this is the first systematic review and meta-analysis to investigate this topic, caution is warranted when interpreting the findings due to the limited number of studies and hence insufficient data.”
Link to meta analysis

Then we have to go back to the old model: Consume less energi than you use. 😉

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