The Course for The 2018 OCR European Championships

The Course for The 2018 OCR European Championships

A lot of people have asked me about the course for The 2018 OCR European Championships. 

As I am a part of the organizing committee, I have a lot of inside knowledge. Together with Anders, we are working on a set up, that will challenge the best OCRacers in the world. But it will not be impossible to complete with your wristband.

The Courses will test the strength, technique and speed of the athletes.

The Courses af the 2018 OCR European Championships, will feature obstacles from some of the qualifying races. Such as Reborn and Evolution Race. But also new obstacles, that the athletes have not see before.

… and of course we have tested the full obstacle course. Se the video below 😉

I know a lot of athletes wants to know what obstacles to train for. But you have to wait.  😉

You can participate in different ways.

If you are qualified and have a verified result. You can participate in the Elite and/or age group waves.
If you dont have a qualified result, you can still compete in the journeyman waves. But there is no podium for the journeymen and women.
All will compete under the rules of completion. Complete all obstacles independently or giv up your wristband. There will be DOCRA officials at all obstacles.
This applies to both the Short Course (3-4 km) and the Standard Course (15 km+)

If you just want to have fun.

Then the open course are for you. OCR is for everyone and we want to keep it that way. That is why we have the Open Course. There is no officials and no wristband. You can complete the obstacle you want on the 8 km course. You can help each other and just have fun.
There is no requirements of qualification for the Open Course.

For more information. Visit The 2018 OCR European Championships.

You can buy your trickets at Sportstiming

Hope to see you there 🙂


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